5 Free APA Citation Generators of 2024

Creating reference lists and doing in-text citations can be a confusing puzzle that wastes much time when done manually. To add to your misery, you also lose your grade if the citation needs to be corrected. 

What’s a Citation Generator?

What's a Citation Generator?

A citation generator or reference generator can make the most significant difference. A citation generator is a tool or software that creates the bibliographical references for you using some data provided, including the author’s name, the year when it was published, volume, page number, title, or any other identifying feature.

What are Citations?

A citation is a way to let your reader know that any specific content in the write-up comes from another source. A citation helps your readers navigate the details required to rediscover that source by providing the following information:

  • Information about the author.
  • The title of the work.
  • The name and location of the publishing company that published a version of your reference.
  • The date of your version.
  • The page numbers that correspond to the material you have cited.

What is the Correct Citation Format According to the 7th Edition of the APA Citation Guide?

The 7th Edition of the APA Citation Guide declares that a proper citation includes details about the source you used for your work. Let’s break down the format with an example:

For example, imagine you have to reference a book by Charles Duhigg entitled The Power of Habit, published in 2012 by Random House. Here’s how you would format the citation:

  • Author: Duhigg, C.
  • Year of Publication: 2012.
  • Title of the Book/Journal: The Power of Habit.
  • Publisher: Random House.

In-text citation:

(Duhigg, 2012)

This shows that you only have to indicate the author’s last name and year of publication inside brackets separated by a comma.

This format lets readers find precisely what you used when writing the work.

How Can a Citation Generator Help You as a Student or Researcher?

How Can a Citation Generator Help You as a Student or Researcher?

Working with an accurate citation tool can be beneficial as it helps you save time and succeed better at your studying process. To provide sources correctly, a vast amount of time can be wasted if you do it manually – but not anymore. 

Once you use the Citation Generator, that problem no longer bothers you because instead of completing citations and references yourself, a citation generator will do it for you. Thus avoiding numerous mistakes that can cause you to lose your grades. 

You can achieve that with the help of a citation generator, which lets you generate accurate citations in various styles like APA, MLA, Chicago, and so forth.

Is it Allowed to Use a Citation Generator?

Yes, You can use a citation generator. Just use it responsibly. Some citation tools may need to provide complete or accurate citations. Remember that generating citations does not relieve you from citing sources because it will be considered plagiarism if you don’t cite sources accurately. Remember that APA Citation Generators are only effective when you give the correct information.

5 FREE Citation Machines for Generating APA, MLA, and Chicago Styled Citations

5 FREE Citation Machines for Generating APA, MLA, and Chicago Styled Citations

Are you feeling overwhelmed by APA citations? Ease your citation worries using the APA format generator to convert all those ugly sources into adequately formatted in-text citations. Regarding citations, our generator can create proper APA format citations that can be easily inserted into your work.

Top 5 Free APA Citations Generators in 2024

In the hustle and bustle of academic writing, proper citation is everything. Fortunately, many APA citation generators make this work easy for you. This review outlines the best 5 FREE APA citation tools for 2024.

  • EduWriter APA Format Generator (Most Accurate – Editors Choice)

Among the recommended options, EduWriter’s APA Format Generator offers an accurate and concise system of producing error-free manuscripts and citing reliable sources using the APA formatting style. 

EduWriter APA Format Generator (Most Accurate - Editors Choice)

This APA citation generator is easy to use as it has a user-friendly interface but maintains high accuracy. Some of the source types that EduWriter.ai supports include books, articles, magazines, and online platforms. It quickly creates citations in the text and adds complete references, thus simplifying citing for any academic writing.

All you need to do right now is log in to our multi-platform tool and unleash the full potential of EduWriter APA citation maker. This web platform lets you create citations, edit them whenever needed, and export entire projects or separate entries whenever convenient. 

Note: Other than the APA Generator, EduWriter offers a Text Summarizer Tool that helps you eliminate plagiarism and bypasses AI detection. 

  • CitationMachine:

CitationMachine is another prominent APA citation generator that has earned a place on our list. It has a user-friendly design, allowing people to produce citations quickly. 

The selection of different source types provides users with ‘variety’ so that citation generation is not as rigid. CitationMachine has a user-friendly interface compared to other citation tools available for students or researchers.

  • Cite This for Me:

Cite This For Me was designed by Chegg and offers an easy-to-use layout for a primary citation generator. Though it mainly deals with APA, MLA, and Chicago citation styles, several other formats are accepted. The auto-cite feature also improves searching for the source material, which is helpful in this tool.

This tool can quickly create citations in Harvard, MLA, and APA styles and works by finding a source by its title, author, or ISBN. Cite This For Me offers many resources and citation guides for the major styles. The free version allows you to cite all your academic work accurately, thus increasing your productivity.

  • RefDot:

Among the tools that help with citations are browser extensions, and one such instrument available for the Google Chrome Browser is RefDot. Although it is primarily intended to be a reference management software, RefDot is ideally part of Google Docs. It enables users to cite in APA when creating academic documents using Google Docs. It is a handy option for those who like to work directly on their papers.

  • EasyBib:

EasyBib is a citation companion that students and researchers have long used. EasyBib makes citing a citation for different sources easy due to its friendly design. In addition, the tool offers a writing center with valuable materials, which makes this tool an asset for those who want to generate accurate citations in just a click.