600+ Unique Topics for Persuasive Essay Topics

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Table of Contents

  • Persuasive Topics of School and Education
  • Science and Technology Persuasive Topics for Essay
  • Sports and Entertainment topics for a Persuasive essay.
  • Persuasive Essay Topics, Just for Fun
  • Economics Ideas for a College Persuasive Essay.
  • Sociology College Persuasive Essay Topics
  • Political Persuasive Essay Topics for the College
  • History Persuasive Essay Topics for the College
  • Persuasive Essay Topics Relevant to the Economics
  • Interesting College Persuasive Essay Topics
  • Transportation Persuasive Essay Topics
  • Environmental Persuasive Essay Topics
  • Technology Persuasive Essay Ideas
  • Easy College Persuasive Essay Topics
  • Traveling Persuasive College Topics
  • Topics for a Persuasive Essay on the Lifestyle in College
  • College Topics for Persuasive Speech on Media
  • College Persuasive Essay Ideas Regarding the Teens
  • 25 Additional Topics for College Students to Be Persuaded
  • College Persuasive Essay Topics: Family
  • College Persuasive Essay Topics: Medicine
  • College Persuasive Essay Topics: Sports
  • College Persuasive Essay Topics: Religion 

40 Most Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Why should you vote?
  • All students should wear uniforms.
  • There should be strict control over gun ownership.
  • Should homework be required?
  • Is capital punishment ethical?
  • Is online school more effective?
  • Is social media dangerous?
  • Should healthcare be universal?
  • Should we abolish zoos?
  • Etiquette should be taught in schools.
  • Are GMO products good?
  • Can animal testing be ethical?
  • Free speech should have limitations.
  • How important is mental health?
  • Are drunk drivers punished appropriately?
  • Is change possible through protests and demonstrations
  • Does recycling work?
  • Does school start too early?
  • Is your school effective in handling bullying?
  • Dogs are better pets compared to cats.

40 Most Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Puerto Rico should be given statehood.
  • Should euthanasia be legalized?
  • How important is mental health?
  • Is online school more effective?
  • Are GMO products good?
  • Is social media dangerous?
  • What is the problem with the education?
  • Does recycling work?
  • Veganism and the environment are two concepts that are at loggerheads.
  • Should foreign policy be feminist?
  • Is marriage an obsolete institution?
  • Is it possible that protests and demonstrations will result in the change?
  • Can alternative medicine work?
  • Is modern advertising unethical?
  • The American Revolution was a pivotal event in the history of the USA.
  • The year 1763 is a significant turning point in American history.
  • Media was very instrumental in the marketing of the Vietnam War.
  • The value of social reform among the African-American population should be considered.
  • The 17th century’s technological advancement was a new stage in the history of humanity.
  • European culture would not be as advanced today if there had been no Enlightenment and the Romantic Age.

How to Generate 600+ Unique Persuasive Essay Topics Using EduWriter.ai

Here are easy-to-follow steps on using our Essay Topics Generator to generate as many persuasive essay topics as you want.

Step 1: Go to https://eduwriter.ai/essay-topics-generator

Something like this will be displayed on your screen.

How to Generate 600+ Unique Persuasive Essay Topics Using EduWriter.ai

Step 2: Click the “Select Your Essay Type” button and select Your Essay Type from the drop-down list.

Click the “Select Your Essay Type” button and select Your Essay Type from the drop-down list

Step 3: Once you have selected your essay type, click on the “Select Your Subject Area” button to view a drop-down list where you will be shown multiple subjects. Select the one that is the most relevant to the persuasive essay subject you need.

Step 4: Give a unique prompt to EduWriter.ai like the one I gave that reads Generate Persuasive Essay Topics for a High School Student in the History Subject” and click the “Generate Topic” button. 

Step 5: Copy the persuasive essay topic that you like. If you want to avoid any of the five essays you have generated, you can repeat the process to get more topics until you have the topic you need.

Generate Persuasive Essay Topics

What are Persuasive Essays?

One of the skills that students should learn is persuading people, and this ability can be beneficial in real life. Persuasive essays are similar to argumentative essays, but instead of being based primarily on facts, they are based on emotions. 

It is essential to understand who you are talking to as it helps you to be more or less prepared for some arguments that could arise and makes it easier to find ways of addressing them. It is helpful for students to read the opinion writing examples from mentor texts. Try using these topics as persuasive essay topics to practice and improve your persuasive writing skills.

How do you choose a persuasive essay topic for college?

Regarding effective persuasive essay writing in college, picking a good topic is the first and most crucial step. Follow these simple tips:

Re-read the assignment: Decipher what your tutor tells you; this hints at the subject.

Brainstorm ideas: Preliminary to creating an essay, research well to have a solid argument. Consider different ideas to choose the best one.

Check existing topics: Peruse a great selection of college essays free of charge to get a good idea of what is included and where you can develop.

Avoid overly broad ideas: Narrow down your title in a way that will make it more believable to cover the topic. For instance, emphasize the many benefits of sports for the general well-being.

Ensure credible sources: Be well stocked with the materials for referencing and citation in the smallest of essays.


Good persuasive paper topics for college have to offer various sources to investigate. So, if you are not confident in your materials, you better change the title. It will prevent you from a lack of evidence to support your arguments.

Diverse sources: The availability of sources for research provides a strong argument when choosing top topics.

Personal interest: Select a topic you are interested in; it makes the writing fun.

Be unique: Do not try to rewrite the same well-known aspects of the familiar things; amaze your professors with a new look at the old problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are good topics for a persuasive essay? 

To find the best topic for your persuasive essay, use EduWiter.ai and generate 600+ topics for your essay completely free.

Question: How to write a topic sentence for a persuasive essay?

A powerful topic sentence for a persuasive essay involves stating a clear viewpoint aligning with your argument. Keep it concise, focused, and reflective of the paragraph’s main point. A well-crafted topic sentence sets the persuasive tone and previews the argument’s direction.

Question: What is a good persuasive topic for a college essay?

A compelling, persuasive topic for a college essay could be exploring the impact of social media on mental health, delving into its positive and negative aspects. Addressing the complexities of this issue allows for in-depth analysis and encourages critical thinking among readers.