How to Create Chat GPT Prompts With Examples

With over a billion visitors from across the world, ChatGPT has already become an internet sensation. With the emergence of GPT-4, which can use internet access, its potential is unlimited. ChatGPT can be used by users from small business owners and human resources to healthcare and marketing professionals 10x their productivity.

However, the secret of doing well with any conversational AI tool is understanding how to write an ideal prompt. However, only a few users know what prompt engineering is and how to write prompts. This post is perfect for you if you are a beginner or have been using it for some time yet have never found ChatGPT responses helpful.

In this article, we will go through all the aspects of ChatGPT prompts. From detailed instructions on prompts effectively to a complete list of ChatGPT prompts for different use cases.

How to Create Effective Prompts for ChatGPT-4: Three Expert Tips

Chat GPT Prompts With Examples

  1. Give Contextual Details: Provide more context depending on the situation or topic to help ChatGPT understand better. This enables it to provide more accurate answers. Include any introductory information or user preferences needed to direct the conversation


      2. Share Content or References: When working with ChatGPT, it is essential to note that it does not have unrestricted access to the Internet, and therefore, if appropriate or relevant information needs to be provided, please provide content or reference material. The implication              is that ChatGPT can acquire domain-specific details, have a consistent style and tone, and guarantee trustworthiness in its replies. If the information is unavailable before September 2021, ensure it is included.


       3. Clearly Define the Topic: Define what you want ChatGPT to discuss. Rather than be obscure, identify the task or topic of interest. This enables ChatGPT to remain on task and avoid vague or irrelevant answers. For instance, instead of stating ‘marketing strategies,’ stipulate                    ‘three digital marketing techniques that work for small businesses’ or ‘ideas on how to make Google Ads campaign better.’

Good Prompts for Chat GPT vs Bad Prompts for Chat GPT – Four Live Examples

Good Prompts for Chat GPT vs Bad Prompts for Chat GPT

👎 Bad Prompt: ‘Describe cars.’ This prompt is not structured and does not provide clear direction. This would result in a general answer because it does not indicate which area of cars to address.

👍 Good Prompt: This prompt is as follows: What are some of the emerging electric car technologies, and how do they contribute to sustainability? It makes the AI concentrate on new technologies that are available with electric cars and their impact in terms of sustainability.

👎 Bad Prompt: Tell me about cooking tricks. This question is also too general and does not have any specific details in it. This could lead to an inappropriate response directed at the user.

👍 Good Prompt: Here is the prompt: What are some easy for beginners vegan dessert recipes? It causes the AI to offer fitting recipes for beginners in creating vegan desserts.

👎 Bad Prompt: What is the weather? This command is apparent but does not have a location and time frame, making it difficult for AI to provide an appropriate answer.

👍 Good Prompt: This prompt provides the necessary information, such as a place in New York City and time tomorrow, to ensure the weather forecast is specific and accurate.

👎 Bad Prompt: ‘Describe history to me,’ similarly, this is a very general issue and does not direct which aspect of history one should talk about.

👍 Good Prompt: Discuss the reasons for and implications of World War II. This guideline provides a concrete historical event, which demands specific information on its root causes and outcomes; therefore, AI can respond accordingly and informatively.


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Top 17 ChatGPT prompts for Marketing and SEO

These are some of the best Chat GPT prompts for SEO experts and Marketers who want to promote their service/business through digital marketing.

Top 17 ChatGPT prompts for Marketing and SEO

  • Can you give me ideas on the topics of [topic of your choice] that can be used for blog posts?”
  • Please write a one-minute advertisement script about the [product, service, or company].
  • Could you write a product description for my 7 brands?
  • “Either with or without [Media channel], I need inexpensive ways of advertising my [company]. Can you provide any recommendations?”
  • “Which backlinks can I use to increase the SEO of my website, [Website name]?”
  • “Create 5 unique CTA messages and buttons for [Your product].”
  • “Create a social media campaign for the introduction of the [Your product] to be aimed at [Your target audience].”
  • ‘Analyzing the following metrics will help improve the open rate in email marketing for a fashion brand <paste your analyzed metrics>.’

  • “Draft follow-up emails for my [webinar topic] webinar attendees.
  • ‘Create a weekly newsletter on [newsletter topic].’
  • “Draft a post about the advantages of [product name] in dealing with, i.e., a specific problem issue.
  • “Provide five creative strategies on how [your product or service or company] can use Instagram Reels.”
  • “Create a social media profile addressing [the specific audience] and describing what our product [product name] can do for them.
  • ‘Customize email salutation for high-value consumers.’
  • “Provide five YouTube video titles for a product or company].”
  • “Create two RSA Google Ads for ‘Your product’ A-B test.
  • “Craft a 100-character meta description for my blog post on <topic>”.

Awesome Chat GPT Prompts for Sales and Business

Following are some awesome ChatGPT prompts for Sales and Business professionals looking to make an impact in the sales industry while using ChatGPT.

  • Awesome Chat GPT Prompts for Sales and BusinessHow can customers be persuaded to buy so that a deal is struck?
  • Which strategies can I use to develop trust and good relationships with customers?
  • “How can you manage the objections during a sales presentation?”
  • Can you assist me in creating an email format that I can use to reach potential clients?
  • “What are the ways of getting new leads and prospects in sales?”
  • “How can I convert my sales pitch into a compelling and persuasive?”
  • How can I make the business deal so that it benefits either side?

  • How can I increase the efficiency of my sales process and achieve more sales?
  • “What do you want your client to need, and which problems should be solved?
  • How do we keep customers satisfied and returning for more in the niche of [write niche name]?
  • “What can I do to make sales better in separate regions?”
  • Please clarify why my product or service is unique.
  • How do you maintain a positive attitude while facing rejection in selling goods related to [write the name of the product you are trying to sell]?
  • “What should I consider if I use a CRM system for sales tracking?”
  • What is an efficient way to market different products or services to my current customers?


3 Primary Chat GPT Prompts for Human Resources and Recruiters:

Chat GPT Prompts for Human Resources and Recruiters

Job Description Prompt: Can you assist us in making our job descriptions better by incorporating the company culture and including language specific to our industry? [Company Name] is a vibrant and creative organization in the field of [Industry], recognized for its [Company Culture Trait 1] as well as [Company Culture Trait 2]. Our team is passionate about [Industry value or goal] and dedicated to [Company mission or vision]. We are looking for high performers who enjoy the challenges of a dynamic industry and want to make a difference in the sector. In this role as a Job Title, you will be essential in the practice of Key Responsibility 1 and Key Responsibility 2, applying your mastery of Industry-specific Skill 1 and Industry-specific Skill 2. Come and work for us in a team-oriented workplace where you will be appreciated and development will be encouraged. We can build the future of [Company Name]. Apply now!”

Job Candidate Prompt: Can you assist in preparing precise job profiles to attract potential candidates? Our work about the mission and vision of [Company Mission or Vision] requires professionals. The perfect match for this position is [Candidate Profile], who has a success story in the field of [Key Skill or Experience]. As a [Job Title], you must fulfill the following tasks and work with your [Required Skills] knowledge. You will be able to 2 Pages. Highlight Growth or Impact. We treasure a working culture that encourages unity and inclusiveness of opinions, with an open mind to allow innovations to be celebrated. If you are genuinely interested in the field of [Relevant Industry or Field] and would like to try your best to make a difference, start working with us now – let’s create our future together. Apply now!”

Top 10 Chat GPT Prompts for HR Managers and Recruiters:

Top 10 Chat GPT Prompts for HR Managers and Recruiters

  • Which innovative methods could be used to seek and allure the best professionals in the sector?
  • How can I quickly scan resumes and find suitable candidates for the positions available?
  • How can the interviewing method be conducted about the skills of candidates?
  • What can I do to improve our company’s employer brand?
  • Can you assist in making job descriptions attractive enough to reflect our needs accurately?
  • How can we evaluate the skills and cultural alignment of applicants?
  • What can I do to guarantee the presence of fair and inclusive hiring that treats diversity as a value?
  • Which approaches guarantee seamless integration of new employees?
  • How can I keep relationships with potential candidates for future job positions?
  • How can I leverage social media in reaching out to candidates?


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10 Best Chat GPT Prompts for Customer Service:

10 Best Chat GPT Prompts for Customer Service

  • “How do you deal with irritated customers and improve?”
  • Can you assist me in writing a telephone script on how to respond to customers’ questions?
  • “How can we respond quickly and provide better customer service?”
  • What does it mean to blow customers away with service?
  • “How can we appease angry customers and resolve their issues?”
  • How can I ensure that my emails to customers are informative and prompt?
  • “What tactics effectively provide quick and precise responses within live chats?”
  • What if I have many customer messages and must reply on time?
  • How can I demonstrate empathy and make customers feel important?
  • “How should you address customer inquiries and complaints on social media?”

Top 10 Prompts for ChatpGPT for Content Creation

Following are some of the best prompts for ChatGPT if you want to create content for your essay, blog, thesis, or any other content publishing platform.

  • Write a blog post introduction about [topic] using the specified keywords: [keywords].
  • Make an instructional video for our YouTube channel about how to Add more information like [details].
  • Come up with a content calendar that includes [number] of blog post ideas using the keywords [insert keywords]. Post the schedule over three months.
  • Develop a checklist for market research for introducing a new product or service.
  • Come up with ten questions that can instigate discussion in a blog post on the theme of
  • Create a script for a podcast episode on [highlight specific topic] that discusses the benefits of the topic.
  • Write a white paper on [topic], ensuring that it is less than [number of words] in length. Follow the information given for guidance.
  • Compose a sequence of email newsletters that provide advice and hints on the topic.
  • Reorder this list to start with a similar part of speech.
  • Rewrite the paragraph in a bulleted list format as follows.

10 ChatGPT Social Media Marketing Prompts

10 ChatGPT Social Media Marketing Prompts

  • Prepare an attractive carousel post for the brand on Instagram and present [product features] there.
  • Write a Twitter thread with advice on how to [topic]. Include details like [information].
  • Write a post for Facebook, asking people to comment on what they think about the issue.
  • Compose a short LinkedIn post on the issue, including additional details: [paragraph].
  • Make a description of a pin on Pinterest focusing on the [topic] and what separates it from the rest concerning its unique [features].
  • Create [number] LinkedIn Polls across different domains such as + verb.
  • Create short posts for social media announcing our holiday hours ([times]) that can be shared on different platforms. Send a message to customers that they can always purchase our products online.
  • Write [number] of posts for [social media platforms] specific to the company’s industry using topics about the company. Provide [number] of Pinterest board concepts for a[n] [company type].
  • Post an exciting customer success story on [social media channel]. Specify what positive effect our [product or service] caused. Story: [customer story].
  • Create a campaign of LinkedIn posts that would reflect the discussions about industry trends and recent marketing opportunities in 5. Here’s a list of trends to explore: [trends list].


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Top 10 ChatGPT E-commerce Prompts

Top 10 ChatGPT E-commerce Prompts

  • Suggest other products that can be purchased with the recently bought [item].
  • Describe how to configure Google Tag Manager (GTM) to record Facebook Custom Conversion events caused by the callback button click with JavaScipt.
  • Write a snappy 50-word short description of the product.
  • Draft a friendly chat message for [company name] explaining our easy return policy: [return policy].
  • Improve product titles in the list by including appropriate keywords [keywords].
  • Compose an appealing email that invites customers to subscribe to our newsletter so they can be entitled to discounts, receive new information about products, and access tips from insiders. [Supplementary information]
  • Design a marketing strategy for the [product service] through social media, email, and influencer partnerships.
  • Create a compelling button CTA that says ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Add to Cart.’
  • Prepare an FAQ list of [number] items with corresponding answers to be used by our support team.
  • Develop a point-based loyalty reward system for customers who make purchases, give referrals, or engage through social media.

ChatGPT Prompts for Developers

ChatGPT Prompts for Developers

  • Enumerate at least [number] beginner topics for a course on mobile app development.
  • List [number] innovative approaches in applying animation effects to a web application.
  • Prepare a flowchart describing the process of software testing in a big project.
  • Present [number] of exciting concepts for a course on game development intended for video game developers.
  • Provide [number] of concepts for using SOLID principles in object-oriented design.
  • Recommend [number] ways to make user authentication in a web application more secure.
  • Give [number] scenarios where applying machine learning algorithms to a data analysis app would be appropriate.
  • Provide an outline of [number] ideas for a seminar on agile software development practices.
  • The first step of this approach is to develop five different ideas for a coding challenge that can test the problem-solving skills of junior developers.
  • Give [number] innovative concepts of a user interface component that better the customer experience using a mobile app.

Improve Your Productivity with ChatGPT Prompts

Understanding how to craft ChatGPT prompts enables you to generate precise outputs efficiently.

These prompts inspire you to create your own, tailored to your business or product needs. They are a valuable starting point for content creation tasks. 

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