How to Make My Essay Longer

While studying in schools and colleges, students face a lot of challenges in completing their assignments. The problems include researching different sources to find the right information, going through multiple drafts of the essays and papers, and finally proofreading the piece before submission. There are other issues that students face but these are the most common ones. In most cases, they get help from their siblings or peers. Another way to get excellent help with no issues is to hire a professional writer. They have advanced degrees and years of experience in academic writing. 

But in this post, we will help students with a problem that is not very prevalent but can rob them of precious scores – how to make an essay longer!

Great Ways To Make Your Essay Longer

Whenever you are assigned a task, it always comes with criteria to follow. Teachers and instructors always provide instructions, such as writing style, references and citations, and the essay’s length of word count. If you want to earn solid grades, you need to make sure that you have touched the ballpark of that word count.  This essay writer might solve all the problems you are facing. Since many students face this issue, here are some of the best solutions that you can incorporate into your writing for a solid, well-rounded essay!

Provide Supporting Evidence To Your Claims

Instead of adding meaningless words to your well-written essay, just to make the word count, you can make it better while making an effort to improve longevity. This is where evidence and proof come into the picture. Say, you are writing an essay where you are presenting findings and facts. Instead of stopping there, you have the opportunity to provide the reader with empirical evidence. This way, you will not only make it longer but offer a deeper look into your research and its results.

Keep in mind that this type of extension can only be achieved for essays that are based on objective information, such as expository, argumentative, and analytical essays.

Make Sure That All The Important Information Is There

Writing essays and papers is not about sitting down and churning out a complete piece in one go. It is about going through the process and turning up with an excellent piece of writing that can win hearts and scores for you. That’s the reason planning is a crucial part of writing in schools and colleges. 

When you are done writing and editing your paper and you see that you are still short on the word count prescribed by the instructor, it is time to get back to the planning board. We have many students making the mistake where they leave out important angles to explore in the planning phase. In this way, you will not only be able to make the word count but also improve the integrity of your text.

Add Transitional Phrases For Effects

We divide a piece of writing, such as an essay, into different parts to better read and analyze it. As a good writer, it should be your goal to write a paper or an essay that has an organic quality to it, where all the parts come together to make a better “whole”. Transitional words and phrases play a major role in this regard.

For instance, you need to write five paragraphs for an essay where you will build the case, provide evidence, and then sum up your findings. Instead of going in or out abruptly, you need to ease writers into the subject matter. Transitional words and phrases, such as “on the contrary”, “with that in mind”, “compared to that”, and more are classical examples of 

Reconsider Your Essay Outline For New Angles

An essay outline is a point of contention among expert writers. However, students in schools and colleges use it, and for all the good reasons. It is a great way to map out what and where you are going to write the relevant part of the essay. 

Apart from this, you can use the outline to extend different paragraphs of your essay, ensuring that you have not missed out on important points. If you are facing issues, this essay topics generator can do the trick for you!

Improve Your Opening & Closing Paragraphs

An essay or a paper is made up of three important parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Since the body of the essay or a paper is where the writers have less leeway to add touches and present something subjective, they can explore the opening and closing paragraphs to further up the word count.

The introduction should start with a catchy phrase or a thing that can reel the readers in. Then, after some background information on the title and the topic surrounding it, the writer can put down the thesis statement. For the conclusion, it starts with a transitional phrase that the essay is coming to an end. Then, the writer needs to rephrase the main points from the body of the essay before signing off with a memorable line or a quote. So, they will have much room to take things further and make the writing better.

Read Out Your Essay

Words have a better and more impressive effect when they are heard. Since you want to improve the word count of your essay, it is best to read it out aloud. You will see the quality your words are carrying, can identify issues and resolve them, and even add to the current body if there is room for improvement.

Spell Out Numbers or Contractions

By now, we all know what contractions are. They are easy on the words and provide a more relaxed and laid-back look to the text. However, you can remove the contractions to make the essay more formal while taking up space on the paper. The same goes for numbers, but make sure that you are following the proper writing conventions and style.

Make New Paragraphs From Existing Ones

A paragraph is a collection of sentences that carry the same thought or idea. Students hardly go through the current trends where paragraphs are getting shorter. In any case, you are better off breaking paragraphs that are longer than three sentences. This way, you will disturb the apple cart while adding volume to your overall essay.

Get A Professional Essay Writing Service On Board

As a last resort, you can connect with a professional essay writing service to extend the text of your essay. Many great brands offer rewriting or editing services. You will have to specify what you want them to do with the existing text and they will provide an excellent product before the deadline. The pricing is affordable so you will not have to get a dent in your pocket.

Summing Up The Discussion

We all know that writing is hard, and improving and extending your text to meet the word count is harder. For the aid of students, we have suggested different ways through which they can get an extended piece of writing without sacrificing the quality of the text.