How to Use AI to Rewrite Your Essay

A year ago, it was impossible to rewrite an essay with just one click, but now it is possible! EduWriter now offers an essay rewriting tool that is very accurate and reliable. It can rewrite your essay in one click to remove plagiarism and bypass AI detectors. 

This amazing essay rewriter tool allows you to avoid the ai-detection, so your essay will be completely free of ai-generated text. In short, our free essay rewriting tool enables you to complete your assignment in just 2 minutes. 

So, if you are looking for an AI rewrite my essay tool then you are at the right place; can solve all your rewrite my essay queries. 

Using EduWriter’s Essay Rewriting Tool – Detailed Explanation

Our essay rewriter completely rewrites the whole of your essay. This tool works by replacing the words used in the essay while keeping your essay’s meaning unchanged. It efficiently eliminates plagiarism and evades AI-generated content detectors. 

The service of free essay rewriter from EduWriters allows you to rewrite a whole essay with only one click, and that too for free. If you have a request like “rewrite my essay,” “eliminate AI from my essay,” “completely reword my essay,” “make my essay new,” “free AI tool to rewrite my essay,” or any other related request of such nature, you are in the right place.

You just have to go to and follow the following steps to rewrite your essay.

5 Easy Steps to Rewrite Your Essay Using AI Essay Rewriter Tool

Step 1: Go to and sign up using your email or Google account.

Step 2: Select the UK English, US English, or CA English format according to your choice.

Step 3: Select the level of your education depending on what standard of essay rewriting you would like for your work. You can choose from “High School,” “Undergraduate,” “Master”, and “Ph.D.” levels. Choosing the right level will ensure that our essay rewriting tool can rewrite your essay according to your academic level. 

Step 4: Enter the essay you want our tool to rewrite, and then click the “Rewrite my Essay!” button at the bottom of the editor to rewrite your essay content. All the content you add to the editor will be rewritten with just one click. 

Step 5: You can convert the rewrite of your essay text into a proper APA format referenced document by clicking on the “Convert to APA” button. Click this reference, cite the text, and download it in Word document .docx format. This makes it easier for you to submit your essay rewriting assignment directly without any problem.

Top Features EduWriter’s AI Essay Rewriting Tool


💰Free now and forever!

Are you thinking: Is there an AI that can rewrite essays? Our AI-powered essay rewriting Tool is free and always will be. We understand that students are already struggling financially, and asking them for money would further add to their problems. Therefore, we don’t even charge a single penny for this world-class essay rewording tool. 

🤖No AI Detection or Plagiarism Detection

The best thing about the essay rewriting tool is that it reconstructs the text so that plagiarism, along with AI detection, is removed. Students will never have to worry about losing scores or failing grades because of AI detection or copied content in their essays.

⚡Instant Results for Essays, Paragraphs, Papers, and More

Thanks to years of accurate development, our essay rewriting tool can re-word and paraphrase your essay in seconds. Just paste your text and hit the rewrite my essay button, and your whole 3-page essay will become unique in the blink of an eye.

📃Robust AI models for Different Essay Rewriting Modes

Our is the latest and most advanced essay rewriting tool ever developed. Our developers put in years of hard work to finally offer this premium online essay rewriting service for Free to all students and researchers. 

🤷 Complete Control Over Tone, Usage of Words, and Style

With our advanced AI, you have complete control over the academic level, your essay tone of voice, the complexity of words, and your writing style. Our essay writer tool will never create a generalized essay that can get you caught by your supervisor. All essays written by our essay rewriter are different. You can also rest assured that that the previous essay that you will paraphrase using our tool will comply with the new style and the academic level that you choose.

✨Support for Multiple Input and Output Methods

Unlike other essay rewriting tools, EduWriters essay rewriter supports multiple input and output methods. To rewrite your essay, you can either directly paste the copied content on the text editor or directly upload the document that contains that text. Similarly, you can directly copy the rewritten essay now from the text editor or download the rewritten essay in APA formatting in a Word document (.docx document).