Is Jasper AI Worth It? An Honest User Review

With AI advancement, we are noticing that there’s a surge in demand for the most effective AI content-writing tools. Many different AI tools are trying to be the number one choice but what’s more interesting is that every other AI tool including Jasper claims to be the best.

It’s time we honestly compare Jasper with other AI tools to identify which one is best, average, and bad. This review will check if Jasper AI is really worth the money or not or if their big claims are just tricks to get new users. (previously known as Jarvis) is a popular AI content-writing tool. There is no doubt on the fact that Jasper is one of the best if not the best AI content-writing tools available in the market. But does Jasper live up to the hype? Let’s find out:

Jasper AI Review

Jasper AI claims to be a game-changer in the content industry, however, the question remains if it is really a game-changer or if there are better tools that provide bang for the buck. 

To make this decision of whether you should buy Jasper or Not easier for you, our team of AI experts has critically analyzed its performance considering its price, content quality, user experience, and many other factors, they came to this conclusion:

Jasper Review by EduWriter Team
Criteria Rating 
Over All Rating  3 out of 5 
Pricing (Individual and Teams) 3 out of 5
Overall Content Quality 3.5 out of 5
Cohesive Branded Content  4 out of 5
Project Collaboration  4.5 out of 5
AI Image Creation 2.5 out of 5
Digital Marketing Blog Content  4 out of 5
Pre-Installed Templates  4.5 out of 5
Overall Style and Tone Preservation 4.5 out of 5
Integration with other Tools 4.5 out of 5

Keep reading to know how and why our experts gave this review for Jasper AI. 

My Honest Feedback After Using Jasper

Here is my review of the advantages and disadvantages of Jasper based on my experience using Jasper:

Pros Cons
Free access to Jasper Academy to learn how to use each feature to perfection. The tutorials are straightforward and everyone can learn with them Very expensive and even more costly with the team plan as you have to pay $59 per teammate 
Optimized pre-installed templates for blogs, articles, etc. Sometimes plagiarism is detected in content generated using Jasper AI
Can be easily integrated with Grammarly, Surfer SEO, Google Docs, and other tools using the Jasper extension You need to learn how to use Jasper to get good content or else you won’t get the value
Their paraphrasing tool is pretty amazing and removes AI detection and plagiarism from generated content You need to be good at writing to write excellent prompts that the AI can interpret how you want 
Excellent for creating cohesive brand content that resonates with your tones and voices The user interface is not very good and people sometimes find it hard to locate the “Cancel Jasper Subscription Button”. 
Writing style can be adapted to your style with the right prompts and outline The information is sometimes not backed by facts so it is important to double-check sensitive information
Unlike ChatGPT, Jasper can browse the web in real-time
No more fear of blank writer’s block, Jasper lets you create bulk content quickly and easily.
You can revoke previous conversations and can also create separate tabs for separate conversations.
Unlimited interactions per conversation
Jasper contains a built-in Turnitin-level plagiarism checker
Teams can easily collaborate and work together (Pro Plan)

What is Jasper.AI? is a powerful AI writing tool that uses the power of machine learning, deep learning, and other complex algorithms to create professional content based on what you ask.


Jasper aims to change how all types of content are created and does all the research for the writers. the biggest strengths of Jasper are online content marketing and blog content. Jasper excels at creating content that is 100% grammatically correct with good sentence structures.

How Does Jasper AI Work?

Jasper uses many advanced programs with artificial intelligence to generate appropriate and good answers. Also, it gives detailed blogs based on the user’s command

Understanding Your Command: Jasper AI uses the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) ability to understand a user’s command.

The Conversational Bot: The bot uses conversational AI to chat with users to sound more human-like and keeps track of the context and background of information throughout the chat.

Deep Learning with Neural Networks: The Jasper bot holds direct access to a massive database of high-quality content. All this content is fed to the Jasper bot using advanced deep learning and neural network technologies to understand your questions and give accurate answers.

Jasper Pros and Cons — Is Good Enough?

Like other software in technology, there are bound to be some good and bad sides to these tools, and in our testing, we’ve found that the same can be said for JasperAI and any of the other top AI writing tools. So, in this section, we’re going to explore the pros and cons of JasperAI:

Jasper AI Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Jasper provides three types of subscriptions to its users. One is the Creator Plan, One is the Pro Plan, and One is the Business Plan. All these packages are specially designed for users to meet different users’ needs and provide good value for money.

Jasper Creator Plan  Jasper Pro Plan
$49/month with monthly billing  $69/month with monthly billing
$39/month$468 build yearly at the start of the year $59/month Per member – $708 billed yearly for each member at the start of the year
7-days Free Trial Available 7-days Free Trial Available
Only one user is allowed with this plan  Multiple Users who can also collaborate (Have to pay for each user)
One brand voice is available (you need to set it up) Three Brandvoices Available 
SEO Access Available (excellent for bloggers and marketers) SEO Access + 10 Knowledge Assets + Three Instagram Campaigns + User Management
Does not allow team collaborations Team Collaborations and Jasper Art 
Suitable for solo content creators and freelancers Suitable for Teams Who Want to Collaborate

Jasper Business Plan is the third and final pricing plan available for its customers. The Jasper Business Plan has all the features available in the Creator and Pro Plans plus more premium features. These premium features include unlimited feature usage, API access, performance analytics, and much more.

The price for Jasper’s business plan is not rigid and can be customized based on your business needs. Business owners can talk and discuss with Jasper’s customer support to decide a plan for their needs.

Is Jasper. ai Free?

Unfortunately, JasperAI does not have a free plan, but there is a 7-day free trial available for both the Creator and Team plans. It should provide you with enough time to familiarize yourself with the app and determine if it is suitable for your creative endeavors.

After enrolling in the plan of your choice, you also get a 7-day money-back guarantee.

How to Cancel Jasper Subscription

Canceling your Jasper AI subscription is pretty straightforward. Here is how to do it:

Log in to your Jasper account. 

Go to settings

Then go to plans

In the plans section jasper login to account

If all you want to do is cancel your subscription, we found this very straightforward, and, after much searching, we could not come across any complaints in this regard.

Jasper AI Features Detailed Review

Here we have reviewed almost all the features of Jasper AI. We have also given our opinion on how they felt in an actual working environment. Here is how practical Jasper’s AI writing assistant is for creating content.

Content Generation

Content generation is pretty easy and straightforward and it does save you a lot of time. Well, you have to manually edit the content so that it resonates more with your writing style and your target audience but the research time is gone.

Jasper effectively does all the research for you on any given topic and it surprised us how insightful it was regarding not very popular topics. It’s a perfect companion for a good writer and complements the writer’s creativity by enhancing their productivity by 10x.

Jasper for Creating Brand Content

Afraid that the content generated using Jasper won’t resonate or align with your own writing style or with your brand image? Worry not because Jasper will surprise you as it surprised us.

The brand voice feature is really. Once we fed all the details to Jasper including our vision, mission, what we sell, how we write, and who are our target audience, Jasper understood them. Based on the outline Jasper mostly catered to our guidelines and adapted our writing style which was great to see.

Jasper Art

We did like Jasper Art but we still think that this feature needs some more work. The work Jasper Art does is great but it doesn’t look professional enough and does not completely resonate with your brand’s image.

If you were thinking about replacing your graphic designer with Jasper Art then you should think twice as this still is in Beta and needs a lot of work. However, the bright side is that it’s great for getting good inspiration to enhance your visual game.

Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is a feature that offers a natural-sounding human-like chatbot. It is always a unique experience and you always have something new about the Jasper Chat. It has deep learning enabled so it improves itself with every interaction.

You can almost ask anything to Jasper and surprisingly it never disappoints you. No matter how narrowed down your question is Jasper always has something to say – that also makes sense.

Text Expansion

Text Expansion

Jasper has a text expander tool that is used to explain the submitted text in detail. What’s interesting about Jasper’s text expander is that while expanding the text it keeps the original context and background of the text that was originally submitted to the expander.

This means that the text expander adds more detail to an existing text without losing the original meaning, without skipping any important information, and without any unnecessary details for itself.

This feature adds value to the content and makes it interesting to readers. It is especially helpful when you have to give more details or elaborate on some points but sometimes you just do not know what to say. This also helps you bypass AI detection and plagiarism detectors.

Suggested Headlines

If you are a person who struggles with headline inspiration or fears the white screen, then Jasper is for you. We tried the Jasper chat to generate interesting and engaging headlines for almost anything and got very good results.

We even got interesting headlines for academic research documents that are usually considered boring. The prompt to generate headlines was simple – we used “Please generate 10 interesting and engaging titles for a blog topic that is about the life of laughing doves”. Once you get the results you can choose one topic and edit it to add clarity and you are done!

Grammar and Spelling Checking

Jasper has immaculate grammar and spelling-checking ability. Jasper never misses any punctuation or spelling mistakes. However, Jasper follows American English by default and if you write in Australian English then you should ask Jasper to write using your preferred style.

SEO Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimization is very important when it comes to content marketing since it helps your content rank high on the Google SERP (search engine result page). Fortunately, Jasper can help you optimize your blogs, sales pages, landing pages, and every other piece of content that you want Google to rank higher.

This is beneficial in making your content more findable on the web and increases its potential of ranking high on search engines. However, it would be stupid to rely completely on Jasper’s SEO optimization as Google ranking also depends upon many other factors.

John Muller from Google Search Central said that they don’t have any problem with AI-generated content but facts say otherwise. Therefore it’s also important that you manually rewrite or paraphrase your content before publishing it on Google as it generally dislikes purely AI-generated content.

Language Support

Jasper supports multiple languages and also does all the translations for available languages without any flaws. You can write and translate content using Jasper in over 32 languages as of June 2024. Jasper-supported languages include:

Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, English(British), Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

The language support features can help you reach more people without a problem. This feature is also very useful in terms of expanding the audience base and getting in touch with more people. We tried translating a piece of content from English to French and it did an excellent job. Our French proofreading team members liked it and made the content ready to publish after some minor editing.

Research Assistance

Jasper AI is excellent when it comes to creating research content. It can do very deep research on any topic of your choice, however, the prompt needs to be specific enough for Jasper to understand and get the right details.

Jasper can also conduct a SWOT analysis or analyze your work using the waterfall method from the perspective of a specific location and audience if you can create a good prompt. If you want to become a Jasper prompt engineer then you don’t even need to pay a single penny and learn everything for Jasper Academy.

Jasper also does all the formatting and referencing for you in any referencing style you want, however, it’s not the most accurate and requires some editing to make them look human-generated and accurate.

Code Generator

Jasper can write complex codes for different needs. Jasper can create a code using multiple programming languages as desired by the user prompt. However, the code (even the simplified versions) is hard to understand for non-coders and therefore it cannot be regarded as a stand-alone tool that can create amazing websites or other software for you without any assistance.

Coding still requires an expert to use and integrate the code, thus making their job easier for them – rather than replacing them. It does save coding expert time that they would usually spend exploring GitHub and Stackoverflow to troubleshoot their problem or get inspiration for a new code.

Jasper AI vs Other AI Content Writing Tools – Jasper Alternatives

Here we have compared Jasper with other similar tools that are meant for the same purpose. We have carefully reviewed their performance and made this comparison with Jasper to find the best alternatives and to see if Jasper is worth the money or not.

Below is a comparison table featuring CopyAI, WriteSonic, and Rytr. Here is the comparison:

AI Writing Software Ideal For Starting Price Standout Features Free Version
JasperAI Content Marketing and SEO optimization $39/month 1. Sentance structuring and rewriting

2. Preservation of Branding

3. Plagiarism Checker

7-Day Free Trial
CopyAI Helping Copywriters create content quickly $49/month 1. Great content

2. Many languages supported

3. A freestyle Mode with less restrictions

Rytr Suitable for Small Creators $9/month 1. A brief content generator

2. SERP Analysis for better SEO

3. Over 30 Languages supported

Writesonic GPT-4.0 integrated Content $16/month 1. Real-time access to open model i.e. GPT-4

2. Text summary generator to void getting caught with AI.

3. Article Referencing

Yes, 10k Words

What is Jasper Best For?

Jasper is best for individuals and businesses looking to transform their writing and be more productive with their time. Everyone has to learn about AI writing tools – especially people with writing backgrounds so why not start early? Here are some features that Jasper AI stands out for:

Content Writers and Bloggers

Jasper. ai can assist content creators in coming up with topics for the content, the framework of the articles, and even the content of the blog posts. Besides, it can also help in creating compelling headlines and introduction parts of the text.

Marketing Professionals

It can be a useful tool for generating persuasive ad text, e-mail newsletters, tweets, and product descriptions. It can also even write content for SEO and create convincing marketing content.

Students and Academic Writers

Jasper. ai can help in finding information and structuring the essays, reports, and research papers. Indeed, it can give recommendations on how to organize academic work and, in some cases, explain certain concepts.

Business Professionals

It is possible to write reports, business proposals, and internal communications to ensure that the organization’s professional tone is observed in any written communication.


Jasper. ai can come up with code samples, documentation, and technical descriptions; therefore, it may help developers in explaining programming concepts.


Jasper AI is a great tool and a must-have for every person who can afford it. Everyone has to work with AI content generators sooner or later so you should begin early. Choosing a powerful tool with a large and powerful database should be your first step toward AI-writing success.

Jasper was never meant to replace writers and no one is going to lose their jobs because of it, however, it’s here to improve productivity for all writers and content creators. I wasn’t amazed at the long-form content however, the sales copies, landing pages, and other website publishing content were spot on.

It will slowly become a norm to use AI content generators for information sharing and the time is upon us. Jasper is kind of expensive and you should be very careful while making up your mind to buy a subscription for Jasper as it can prove to be very expensive.

Jasper can’t replace your writers but it can still increase their productivity and this is all you need to become a content marketing house that creates immaculate copies.