Writing Memes That Only Authors & Students Will Understand

Writing is a strange craft. Ask any writer and he will tell you that it is both refreshing and depressing at different times. Somedays, it just flows and fills the white papers, and other days, they have to hit the walls with their heads to string five words together. In any case, writing is what makes us a civilization. It makes us human.

Now we have a new type of expression that is making all the waves. It is as versatile and on point as the old-fashioned prose, but even better – memes!

According to unspecified and unreliable sources, it makes up more than 50% of the web. 

Top Writing Memes To Cheer You Up & Motivate To Write

Here are the memes for your funny dose. Keep in mind that they are not directed toward a person or a fraternity, but a light attempt at humor for both distraction and learning.

First Drafts Should Be In Vaults

First Drafts Should Be In Vaults

It is no secret that first drafts of essays, short stories, novels, or any piece of writing are bad. They have many errors and issues that writers hide from their readers and even family members who are supportive of their journey. Die-hard fans and enthusiasts are often looking for first copies and first drafts of the works by their favorite authors. When they succeed, it’s like holding the whole world in your palm!

Distractions Matter

Distractions Matter

Writers are notoriously lazy and think about doing the hard work all day and then abandoning the task when the time comes. This meme shows that the writer is wasting time on frivolous tasks instead of writing. Perhaps, he found this vocation more interesting than the real calling.

Internet Has Power Over You

Internet Has Power Over You

Although the internet offers a quick way to research and get help for writing, it is also the biggest source of distraction and derailment for writers. We have seen many writers doom-scrolling hours and then regretting the lost time. Instead of letting the intrusive thoughts win, they need to get back to the real task.

No Disturbing The Master When He Is Working

Writers can get easily distracted, whether they are writing or thinking about the next plot twist in their novels. They need seclusion to work their magic because it is delicate work. That’s why writers need to invest in their notice boards and make sure that they are not disturbed by noises and calls.

Procrastination Is Real

Some even go the distance to say that if a writer claims to have never experienced procrastination, he is not a real writer! This is true because making worlds and people on pages requires preliminary work that often goes inside the heads of the authors. However, when that thought process goes on for long, it hurts the writing phase.

Your Idea Can Change The World

Writers are always looking for the next big thing in their work to stand out from others. All the authors want to be immortalized and one book could be enough. However, finding and working on that idea is the problem. In the meme, the person is talking about that “incredible idea” about finding and writing it down someday.

Plotting The Plot

A plot is the sequence of events in a story. Narrative writing and its derivates are incomplete without a solid plot that starts with the stimulus and ends with the resolution. Since it is about pacing the change concerning space, time, and people in the story, it becomes hard to balance things out logically. Many times, the tables get turned and the writer gets stuck in the process.

Listen To The Voices In Your Head

Having a creative mind means people talking inside your head, butting theirs against yours, to get out and onto the paper. This is a healthy thing and essential for writers. If unwritten or untreated, this could turn into a real problem. So, when you are determined to write, silence those voices by writing them down.

When Inspiration Hits, Hit Back

There was a time when writers used to carry notebooks and pads everywhere they went. It was in case the inspiration hits in odd places at odd hours. Writers have polarizing views on this matter where one group considers it good while the other believes in purity and respect for spontaneity.

Prepare For the Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a mental condition where writers do not have the mental composure and focus to write what they want to. Instead, they spend time doing other things like fiddling with their tools, browsing the internet, or else. Again, it is a real thing and must be dealt with attention and directing your powers toward work.

Do Not Care About Perceptions

Writers are mythical creatures for many. Some consider them to be eggheads with spectacles and big old books in their rooms. Others think of them as charming humans who can woo anyone who sits with them. In reality, everyone is a writer who spends his time and energies to write. Do you want to become a writer? Stop thinking about everything else and punch those keys!

Keep on Writing!

That’s it for our writing memes! You can’t deny the fact that they are hilarious and touch certain bases that are often discussed both socially and in personal circles. This is in no way trying to play down what writers do, but to give them an outlet to smile and continue grinding!

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