5 Free AI Tools With Super Enhanced Chat GPT-4 Powers in 2024

The following tools are super-enhanced versions of OpenAI’s Chat-GPT’s latest 4.0 iteration. These tools are built with Chat GPT as their base model, thus specializing in niche-specific capabilities and enhancing the super-specific niche you want to rule with your content expertise.

These AI tools will give you free access to ChatGPT 4 and help you get personalized answers to your queries and unique prompts. With my first-hand experience using some of the AI tools I will mention, I discovered that Jasper.ai is much better than Chat-GPT for creating engaging, SEO-optimized blogs

Similarly, I discovered that EduWriter.ai is much better at creating academic content like essays, paraphrasing, APA Format Generation, and Text Summarizing. EduWriter is also a super-enhanced version of Chat-GPT 4 when it comes to generating original academic documents, which is why it creates top-quality educational content (more on that later).

What is GPT-4?

What is GPT-4?

In OpenAI’s line of language model systems, GPT-4 or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4 is its most updated version. This newly introduced version, Chat GPT-4, embodies a multimodal language model that continues redefining the arena for human-AI interaction.

What’s new in ChatGPT 4, and Why is it so Popular? 

What's new in ChatGPT 4, and Why is it so Popular? 

With the latest ChatGPT model, you can upload images and documents to generate content with GPT-4, which is quite impressive. OpenAI’s GPT-4 also offers professional and scholarly standards equivalent to those of a human being.

But that’s not all! GPT-4 can process about 32,768 tokens or around 64,000 words, a significant improvement from GPT-3.5, which could only handle single records of about 8,000 words. In addition, GPT-4 has better precision and can generate factually accurate statements 40% more often.

And the most exciting part? The WLG system is more dependable, imaginative, and able to handle much more complex orders than its predecessor – GPT-3.5. The distinction proves itself in front of challenging tasks!

Overall, GPT-4 is a game-changer, and enhancing it for a specific niche can do wonders yet unknown to humans. 

Top 5 Free Alternatives to ChatGPT- 4.0 With Additional Magic Powers of Their Own

Top 5 Free Alternatives to ChatGPT- 4.0 With Additional Magic Powers of Their Own

All these tools are supercharged with GPT-4 to help you unleash unmatched creativity, improved judgment, and problem-solving skills in different fields. Let’s see how these GPT-4-fueled AI tools can transform everything from your work to education and communication!

Let’s unveil the five innovative AI tools that utilize GPT -4 as their base model to redefine user experiences comprehensively. 

EduWriter.ai (Excellent for Academic Content)

EduWriter is the leader in academic text generation and has proved to be an enhanced model of ChatGPT 4. Created specifically to meet academic demands, EduWriter leverages the powers of GPT-4 to transform how educational materials are crafted. Unlike an Essay Typer, this Ai Essay Writer Tool can generate complete essays with just one click.

Here’s why EduWriter takes the lead over ChatGPT in academic content generation:

Why Choose EduWriter with GPT-4 over ChatGPT Plus?

Even though GPT-4 is the latest and most advanced AI model available, it has limitations in academic content writing. EduWriter, on the other hand, uses ChatGPT 4 as its base model and is trained in such a way that it creates academic literature that is much better than what ChatGPT 4 generates for the same prompts. 

Here are a few aspects where ChatGPT Plus falls short and EduWriter Supersedes it:

  1. Unlike EduWriter.ai, GPT-4 has occasional slip-ups and mistakes in Academic Content.
  2. The training of GPT-4 goes only until September 2021, which is why it might need to be fully synchronized with the most up-to-date tendencies.
  3. Although GPT-4 is impressive overall, it does not generate personalized and unique academic work for high school and college students unless given a detailed, customized prompt.
  4. Unlike ChatGPT Plus, which cannot browse a source, EduWriter allows you to use a URL to add as a reference, and the content will follow from there.

Here are a few aspects where ChatGPT Plus falls short and EduWriter Supersedes it

Specialized Academic Focus:

Since EduWriter has been adjusted precisely for academic use, it can be deemed a tool created solely with the target needs of students, scholars, and educators. The specialty of this source type is that it produces information that relates to the academic setting and suits well within such context.

Enhanced Research Capabilities:

EduWriter with GPT-4 has more research ability than ChatGPT. It does this in a very effective way, combining information from various sources to provide academic content that is well-researched and thorough. The whole power of EduWriter is in its ability to perceive and elucidate intricate theoretical notions.

Precise Citations and Referencing:

A successful academic writer, EduWriter strongly emphasizes citation and referencing while writing. Further, it generates correct citations in different forms such as APA, MLA, and Chicago. This accuracy maintains academic integrity, adhering to strict citation style rules.

Optimized to Avoid Plagiarism:

EduWriter is advanced to facilitate the avoidance of plagiarism. It encourages rephrasing that the output from it is all unique. The tool helps users develop responsible writing habits, which are critical to success in an academic setting.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation:

Because of the intelligent machine learning brought into the EduWriter platform by GPT-4, it will keep evolving and adjusting. This enables the tool to remain in tune with changes that occur from time due to these trends, which keep on changing and, as such, can effectively cater to different subjects and academic disciplines.

EduWriter Pricing

Unlike ChatGPT Plus, EduWriter is entirely free of cost and does not charge anything for a so-called premium version or anything like that. You can use the premium version of EduWriter to write essays, do paraphrasing work, generate APA format citations, and much more without paying a single penny.

2. ChatSonic


Welcome Chatsonic, the GPT-4 AI chatbot that has it all when you need dependable facts and figures, breaking news stars from the world to industry-leading surprises, or enchanting AI images. This incredible chatbot is built on the basement of GPT-4 architecture and develops new features.

Key Features of Chatsonic:

Real-time Information: The Google Integration that Chatsonic uses to give immediate responses and detailed information ensures you know everything on several topics.

Unique AI Images: By smoothly incorporating its functions into cutting-edge instruments such as Stable Diffusion and DALL-E, Chatsonic surpasses the ordinary by efficiently producing exceptional AI pictures that are aesthetically impressive.

Personal Assistant Capabilities: Chatsonic serves to be your very own alter-ego; it comes with a choice of 16 characters, nicknamed avatars. Starting from such avatars as relationship coaches to bodily trainers and many others allows users to tailor their environment according to their preferences.

Why Opt for Chatsonic over chatGPT Plus With GPT-4?

While GPT-4 stands out as a cutting-edge AI model, Chatsonic outshines ChatGPT Plus with specific advantages:

Real-time Information Generation: One aspect in which Chatsonic has outperformed the other model is real-time data, taking advantage of Google integration and supplying accurate updates to users on time than what they can find in ChatGPT Plus.

Superior AI Image Generation: The Chatsonic driven by GPT-4 creates stunning AI images, just the way it does wonders beyond one’s expectations. This ability provides an innovative and visually appealing aspect to one’s engagement.

Diverse Avatar Options: Chatsonic offers 16 avatars to select from, which enables users to personalize their experience. These avatars improve user experience whether one wants to seek advice from a fitness instructor or under the hands of math teachers.

ChatSonic Pricing

Unlike EduWriter, ChatSonic only provides 10,000 premium words for free, and after that, you have to subscribe to one of their packages. Their premium packages start from $16 a month, allowing you to generate unlimited premium images and text that can work wonders for your business.

3. Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Jasper is an all-round AI content generator that generates content based on unique prompt information about the intent of your topic.

Top features:

  • It has an option for paraphrasing if you need to rearrange some sentences.
  • Jasper lets you check plagiarism and grammar.
  • Various types of writing situation templates accompany it
  • Allows you to keep your work in the form of project folders and docs
  • It has a vibrant, active Facebook group whereby users share strategies
  • It lets you make personal graphics from its AI art generator, Jasper Art.

4. Texta


We are introducing Texta, the ultimate AI copywriter, empowering you to create powerful website content, engaging social media ads, captivating YouTube scripts, and motivating sales texts.

Key Features:

Customizable Writing: Texta also tries to put you in charge by ensuring that the tone of your writing, its style, and even the amount of creativity involved have been predetermined. Customize the output best to suit your brand’s tone and messaging needs.

Long-form Content Generator: Improve your content approach utilizing the long-form generator by Texta that automatically forms exciting blog posts. Save more time and effort with your written content, but the quality is still preserved.

Multilingual Capabilities: Go international with your audience using the Texta translation tool to convert copies into more than 20 languages. Make sure that what you have to say will be heard all over the globe.

Pricing: Unlike EduWriter, texta is not free and has a starting price of $29 a month, where all the robust features of Texta are owned, which allows writing up to 50k words. Scale your content creation to the right level with a plan that meets all your requirements at an appropriate price.

  • Rytr


Like other tools in the space, such as GPT-3, Rytr assists you with content at speed and an inexpensive price.

Top features:

Answering Machine: Allows you to get AI lite answers for chatbots, email bots, customer-based queries, and reviews, or how can we help pages

Shopify and WordPress Support: Includes a plug-in supported by Shopify and WordPress

Personalized APIs: The APIs permit you to incorporate them along with your existing applications and workflow.

SEO-Optimized Content: Its SEO analyzer makes sure you are on point with your copy to rank in SERPs

Pricing: The free plan can produce up to 5,000 words in one month, and $9 is the cost for making 50,000 words a month.