Essay Sample (Generated Using EduWriter): Alison Waters – My Favourite Squash Player

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Alison Waters – A Squash Champion I Admire

Alison Waters
Alison Waters

When it comes to squash, an arena in which athleticism, accuracy, and mental robustness meet, Alison Waters is a force to recognize. Alison Waters has not only stunned the audience with her extraordinary skill and ability but also motivated countless number of people, including myself, with her amazing story and persistence in life. Hard work and consistency is the name of the game for Miss Waters and she has proved her self as an athlete not once but many times in her career. As a person she is my role model and as a sport enthusiast I am her biggest fan. In this essay, I will explain why I like Alison Waters as a sports woman and what are some thing that we should learn from her.

Alison Waters

Before we start discussing her achievements I want to tell you about her life journey – a journey which helped her become what she is now. She loved squash from her early childhood, this love for the game came to her from her family friends and relatives who also loved squash. She started playing at a tender age of just five, for her there was no turning back from the squash courts from that time until now. Her family members, including her parents and brother Steve also participated in lively squash games. Alsion started playing professionally from Southgate Squash Club. Her family members also used to play in this club. This is the club where her journey towards her goal commenced. 

She had her natural gifts in Squash but it was her persistence and the inner zeal to become the best that kept her going. Having perceived her talents at a rather tender age, Alice polished her talents with everything she had – it was all blood and sweat that transformed Alison become what she is. Guided by her mother, she polished her craft and mastered the subtle angles of the sport, Alson won the British Under 12 title when she was just nine and a half year old.

The more Alison advanced along her way, the more she was rewarded. Starting from successes in junior events, to representing her country on an international level, she quickly rose to the highest level any athlete can reach. The resounding win she enjoyed in the Under 12 National Championships at the age of nine was an example of her prodigious talent and with an indomitable spirit, she overcame the challenges and defeated formidable opponents.

However, it was not only her wins that she was adored for, but also the kind of modesty she showed in and out of the tennis court. Armed with her determination and fortitude she knew no limits and she was never afraid to challenge opponents twice her size.

One of the defining moments in the brilliant career of Alison was in 2001, when she led the English squad to the victory in the World Team Championships held in the Malaysia. In a lively tournament environment, her spirit was never subdued, as she led her team to an appalling victory. She gave a lesson to a generation of young athletes to stand strong and never give up on their dreams. Her journey shows us that nothing is impossible and if we are committed to something then we can achieve that, however winning takes shear will and determination and a person can become great only if that person put his/her mind and soul into it. 

Alison Waters is now squash game ambassador, she has left her trace on the squash world, transcending the mere competitor role to symbolize the hope, strength, and unquenchable perseverance. Alison Waters is not just a squash player, she is the essence of a perfection, and her path is a light of a hope for generations to come. I am a diehard follower and a passionate lover of the game and Alison Waters will always be my favorite squash player.