I Hate the Letter S
November 17, 2023 ewadmin
essay is a difficult task. It has all the elements of writing a typical personal or narrative essay but the stakes get too high. You need to compete with thousands of aspirants who are always hungrier and seemingly better for the coveted seat at one of the most prestigious colleges in the […]
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How to Make Your Essay Longer
November 15, 2023 ewadmin
schools and colleges, students face a lot of challenges in completing their assignments. The problems include researching different sources to find the right information, going through multiple drafts of the essays and papers, and finally proofreading the piece before submission. There are other issues that students face but these are the most […]
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October 24, 2023 ewadmin
strange craft. Ask any writer and he will tell you that it is both refreshing and depressing at different times. Somedays, it just flows and fills the white papers, and other days, they have to hit the walls with their heads to string five words together. In any case, writing is what […]
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The Essay That Made My English Teacher Cry
October 23, 2023 ewadmin
that writing holds power over the readers; to inspire them; to move them. If you are in a sword fight, the pen will be a little useful to you. However, it can equip you with the knowledge and wisdom to change the mind of your challenger. Recently, a teen named Ryan Harman […]
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